What is an ecovillage?


An ecovillage is an intentional community that is consciously designed through locally owned, participatory processes to regenerate social and natural environments. The 4 dimensions of sustainability (ecology, economy, social and cultural) are integrated into a holistic approach. We live in a time with strong urbanisation going on all over the world. Housing in the cities is a constant and growing problem. There is a need to repopulate the countryside; create jobs for young people, spark the interest for youth work in the ecovillages in Europe and learn from the experience at hand. Ecovillages offer an opportunity for this combining new and old ways of living.

More information about ecovillages at:

General Ecovillage Website: http://www.gen-europe.org

Iberian Ecovillage Network: www. rie.ecovillage.org/

Italian Ecovillage Network ( RIVE):www.ecovillaggi.it/

The Danish National Association of Ecovillages http://√łkosamfund.net/

Ecobasa – the gift-economy network for communities and individuals looking for alternative ways of living: https://ecobasa.org/en/


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