October in Lakabe, Iberian Peninsula

What? Youth Exchange 10 days in Lakabe Community in Iberian Peninsula ( Spanish State)

When? 10 days, October 2017

Who?We are searching for Young people from 18 to 30 years old from (or living) in Slovenia, Denmark, Spain, Basque Country, Italy and Germany.

Why? We would like to self-organize a youth exchange in an ecovillage in Navarra, where young people will come together to explore what challenges and opportunities we share regarding sustainability; what can we do to empower ourselves and how can we work together as a generation facing a social and ecological crisis to create sustainable change. We aim to explore what ecovillages are doing to tackle the crisis. We aim to focus on: personal development, active citizenship and employability. The question that inspires us is: How could we/I design our/my life to feel satisfied in my relation with myself (personal development), my local community (active citizenship) having a sustainable livelihood (employability)?


Mornings:  we will join the local community in their daily tasks or we will support them in an specific one such as gardening, bioconstruction, land management, sustainable living talks ( from cooking to making soaps), etc.

Afternoons: using different participatory methods we will explore the following questions:

  • What is my(our) place in the world as an individual and as a generation?
  • What is “the good life”?  How do I(we) relate to all the dimensions: myself, my family, my local community, my country, europe, the world, nature?
  • How would we ourselves shape a place ( present-future) where we want to live?
  • Exchange on ways ecovillages and young people have responded and can make a positive contribution to the refugee crisis.

Are you interested? Check how to apply.