Native Spirit Youth Exchange

“Life, Empowerment and Youth. From Nature to Local Actions”.

Yes to sustainability.

ERASMUS+ YOUTH EXCHANGE at Native Spirit Camp, Tyrol, Austria

“Life and Nature Youth Camp” was the seventh project of “Yes to Sustainability” international project from NEXT-GEN Europe that aims to bring together young people from different regions of Europe by organizing Youth Exchanges in different ecovillages and rural projects, funded by Erasmus+ and supported by GEN-Eu ( Global Ecovillage Network). Participants from RIE ( Spain), Germany ( Ecobasa), Finland ( SKEY) and Sunspirit ( Austria) join for 10 days to learn together about wilderness education and indigineous worldviews.

The aim of this Youth Exchange was to support people in:remembering people to their own vision, helping them to strengthen their trust in themselves, encouraging people to follow their heart, their intuition, their wisdom and their spiritual self, helping to rekindle the connection to nature, teaching knowledge and skills that help everybody to fully use their own potential.

Activities included  the wisdom of the wilderness, the ancient knowledge of indigenous people, the millenniums-old techniques of survival: making fire, making a shelter in the woods…the direct contact to nature and it’s powers, the medicine wheel as a map, the universal, shamanic knowledge, cleaning and earth-connecting ceremonies.

Wilderness and Survival: This exchange was for people who want to learn more about living and surviving in nature. By learning the basic techniques of survival, we gain confidence and security in situations where we are confronted with nature and all forms of life. We experience that nature is our home and provides us with everything we need to survive. No fight for survival, but a gentle introduction into new dimensions of experiencing nature and yourself.

Medicine Wheel: With the principals of the holy directions the medicine wheel gives us a tool to find our middle and keep ourselves and our surroundings in balance. It contains the millennium old knowledge of indigenous people. On the one side it can give us support, orientation and answers to personal questions about life; on the other side it strengthens us in a really practical way: by working with the medicine wheel we can find new qualities in ourselves and gain trust in our own power.