Past projects

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  • From I to We Hallingelille ecovillage – Denmark.  Spain, Basque Country, Italy, Slovenia, Germany.
  • From I to We Zavod Veles farm – Slovenia. Participants from The Netherlands, Spain, Basque Country, Italy
  • From I to WeOctober in Lakabe, Iberian Peninsula ( Germany, Spain, Basque Country, Italy, The Netherlands)



  • Embracing Diversity: Applied ecovillage living“: 3-16 March 2018 – Findhorn Community – Scotland. Participants from Scotland, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands. AEL 2018 promo text(2)


  • Theater as a Tool to Share Values: 3-16 May 2018, Valdepielagos Ecovillage – Madrid. Sending organizations: France (Regain, L´Arche Communities), The Netherlands (Stichting Ecodorpen Netwerk, Ecovillage Network), Italy (RIVE, Ecovillage Network) and Turkey (Anadolu University) and Spain (Teatro Sol y Tierra, Valdepiélagos Ecovillage, Madrid). More information


  • Life, Empowerment and Youth – From Nature to Local Actions Native spirit, Tyrol, Austria. Participants from Spain, Austria, Germany, Finland.


  • Youth on Earth: Yes we (c)are: 25th August to 3rd September 2018, ZEGG Ecovillage – Bad Belzig. Participants from Slovenia, Spain, Germany, and France.