Project Creation in Sunseed, Spain

This Spring we will have a new Networking Event for young people interested in planning, designing and writing an application for a Youth Exchange for 2019/2020.

The training will take place in Sunseed Desert Technology from March, 31st to April, 6th.

This is a networking event for young people who would like to create youth exchanges in ecovillages around the theme of sustainability in all its aspects. We will brainstorm ideas for projects and work on the most promising ones in small groups creating a project development plan with concrete steps to follow from when we get home to the actual application.

To familiarize yourself with the concept of youth exchanges might be helpful as preparation. You can find information here, and more in national languages if you follow the link to the National Agencies. For more technical detail, you are invited to study the section on youth exchanges in the program guide.

As preparation, please consult with the other people in your organisation at home and  discuss your project ideas. You are doing everyone a favour, including yourself, if you come with a clear idea of what your organisation can offer and realistically commit to.

This project is part of YestoSustainability, a group of people organizing different Youth Exchanges in Europe to bring young people to ecovillages and rural projects.

YestoSustainability is part of the working group of Next-GEN.


Applicants should be living in : Italy, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden and Spain.