YES to Sustainability

Yes to Sustainability is an international project that aims to bring together young people from different regions of Europe by organizing different Youth Exchanges in different ecovillages funded by Erasmus+ .

Participants can participate in one or more Youth Exchange and will be fully funded by the Eramus+ Program.

During 2017, there were 3 different Youth Exchanges happening.

– May in Hallingelille, Denmark ( Spain, Basque Country, Italy, Slovenia, Germany)

– August in Zavod Veles, Slovenia ( The Netherlands, Spain, Basque Country, Italy

– October in Lakabe, Iberian Peninsula ( Germany, Spain, Basque Country, Italy, The Netherlands)

For 2018, we are planning more exchanges in the following ecovillages


  • Embracing Diversity: Applied ecovillage living“: 3-16 March 2018 – Findhorn Community – Scotland. Participants from Scotland, Spain, Italy, and The Netherlands. AEL 2018 promo text(2)


  • Theater as a Tool to Share Values: 3-16 May 2018, Valdepielagos Ecovillage – Madrid. Sending organizations: France (Regain, L´Arche Communities), The Netherlands (Stichting Ecodorpen Netwerk, Ecovillage Network), Italy (RIVE, Ecovillage Network) and Turkey (Anadolu University) and Spain (Teatro Sol y Tierra, Valdepiélagos Ecovillage, Madrid). More information


Projects not yet approved, we will know about at the end of April.


  • Empower yourself with the circle way: 7-14 July 2018,  Tempo di Vivere Ecovillage – Piacenza
  • Green Skills in Ecovillage – 1-10 September 2018 in Torre di Mezzo Ecovillage – Prato


  • WE are the key – Zavod Veles, 26th of July- 5th ofAugust 2018.


  • Toolbox for Growth  July 2018


  • Youth and Nature – Native Spirit in July 2018


  • Youth Exchange at ZEGG Community – 23rd of August- 5th of September 2018.


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Zavod Veles, Slovenia August 2018

During 2018, we are planning another Youth Exchange in August in Zavod Veles (Slovenia) at the ecofarm where one of the main organicers of the project Petra is starting to built an ecovillage. We will come together to learn more about natural ways of building and in the afternoons we will keep our exploration journey on sustainable lifestyles.

For more information: Youth Exchange in Slovenia

Interested: all costs are covered by Eramus+ Program. Check How to apply.

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May in Valdepielagos, Spain

What? Youth Exchange 10 days in Valdepielagos Community in Spain

When? From 2 to 16 of May, 2018

Who? We are searching for Young people from 18 to 30 years old from (or living) in  Spain, France, Turkey, Italy and The Netherlands.

Why? We would like to self-organize a youth exchange in an ecovillage in Valdepielagos an ecovillage near Madrid, where young people will come together to explore what challenges and opportunities we share regarding sustainability; what can we do to empower ourselves and how can we work together as a generation facing a social and ecological crisis to create sustainable change.

Program: The centerpiece of the meeting will be theater and sustainability, with workshops on body language, music, dance, juggling, elementary acrobatics, plastic arts and lifestyle in ecovillages. The result will be the setting up of a play to be performed at the Cultural Center of the Valdepiélagos for all the Neighbours.

Are you interested? The participants have been already selected

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Italy Summer 2018

We are already planning Youth Exchanges for next year in Spring and Summer 2018. For 10 days, we will explore how to live sustainable in the mediterranean climate. New groups will be created with new and old participants.

For more information: Spring/Summer 2018 in Italy

Interested? Check How to apply

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Interested? Contact us!

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